Professor Ouch’s Bizarre Bazaar & Odditorium


Prof. Ouch’s Bizarre Bazaar & Odditorium is a shop located in Philadelphia. The shop is filled with many oddities, antiques, and pop culture items. The back room is known as the “Odditorium” which houses many odd or strange displays such as 2 headed animals.

Our Visit: 

We took a train from campus to Philly and walked for 15 or 20 minutes from the train station to the store. The store is separated into 3 sections and was very small and uncomfortable. The first two sections have a thrift shop feel where there are many random items that you are able to buy. The first room is where the cashier is and has items like posters. The second room is where the majority of the time was spent. It had many different items like records, comic books, books, movies, and some “adult” items. The back room, also known as the Odditorium, is where they have the strange things. The back room is set up with multiple displays showcasing all the weird oddities around america. Some of these displays included 2 headed animals like frogs or squirrels. Other displays had pygmy bodies and more. Emelie interviewed the cashier and talked about what was strange and the meaning of strange. While we were there around 5 other people came into the store and looked around.

Photo of the second room in the store

2 Bizarres out of 5 Bazaars.

Prof. Ouch’s Podcast

Comparison of Prof. Ouch’s through History